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Fire n Ice Murrysville's Best Ice Cream, Pizza & Snack Shop

Discover the best ice cream and pizza in Murrysville at Fire n Ice. Indulge in a delightful experience as we bring together the creamy bliss of hand scooped Perry's Ice Cream ice cream and a burst of flavor and color with Flavor Burst Flavor Strip Soft Serve Ice Cream. Finish the experience with the cheesy goodness of our hot pizzas and snacks.

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Our Location Central Murrysville

Fire n Ice is conveniently located in Central Murrysville, PA in the SportZone right on the WHT trail. Our building is right off RT22 behind Sheetz on School Road South. You’ll see the outdoor Dek Hockey rink at the entrance of our parking lot. Once you’re in the parking lot, head all the way back to the larger SportZone building.

Our main entrance is located at the front left side of the building, as if you’re headed towards the Westmoreland Heritage Walking Trail. You’ll also see our outdoor seating and our walk up window on the side.

Fire n Ice Ice Cream, Pizza & Snacks

Discover a sweet treat experience at Fire n Ice, the premier ice cream in Murrysville, PA. As the top-rated ice cream & snack shop near you, we specialize in crafting mouthwatering pizzas topped with gooey mozzarella, perfectly complemented by our extensive selection of ice cream flavors from renowned Perry's Ice Cream and Flavor Burst Flavor Strip Soft Serve Ice Cream. Indulge in our delectable ice cream sundaes, quench your thirst with our ice-cold drinks and shakes, or savor our mouthwatering hot dogs and cheesy mozzarella sticks. At Fire n Ice, we bring together the best of both worlds - the savory and the sweet - ensuring an unforgettable dining adventure for pizza and ice cream enthusiasts alike.